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I received an F” for coloring outside the lines in 2nd grade.

See how this helps you now.

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A grade of “F” for coloring outside the lines? Yes.

And with that, and an inherent love for putting thoughts on paper, I wrote my teacher this note:

"Dear Miss Leighe,
I colored outside the lines on purpose. Some people like that. When I grow up I'm going to be a writer and coloring won't matter."

Three decades later, my promise still stands. From technical specifications to informative articles, and promotional ad copy to white papers, I assimilate quickly and adjust my writing style to deliver messaging that is accurate, engaging and on target with objectives.​

I’ve built a reputation on authenticity and a career on rule-breaking — and one of the rules I break is that I don’t hype. I believe in the things I write or I don’t write them, and I read critically and find evidence to assemble solid arguments – arguments that are put in painstaking order to motivate, enlighten and educate millions of readers for their benefit and yours. And while it’s easy to assume my 2nd grade letter is some stale cliche for thinking “outside the box,” it’s more of a testimony to my purpose. I always knew what I was meant to do with my life, and was able to put less relevant things aside. Like coloring.

I came here with a need to write, and began by being honest with myself and my readers. Actually – I began by being honest with my teacher.

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